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SF Contemporary Craft Show

We recently visited a show where many of our original customers are using our lights and have helped with the progression of our light's utility.

Please click on an image for a larger view.

Sandra Enterline's individually lit pedestals

Marne Ryan's jewelry booth combines the Displaybright lights with our showcase lights.

Sometimes the lights can make a subtle design statement-- and they don't need watering.

Valerie Mitchell's jewelry booth

Sally Jaffee's ceramic's lit with the Geolumen 28" arms.

Schmidt Rhea Glass lit their walls and pedestals with the Displaybright lights.

A long time customer, Cornelia Goldsmith integrates Displaybright "Mini" lights with her Abstracta display.

Peggy Bjerkan's ceramic masks are lit with the Displaybright lights attached to Propanels.

In Stan Hansen's booth the silver color of the lights blends in with the traditionally white ceilings at many venues.

Modular clamping allows you to mount lights in different locations.

The small size of the Displaybright fixture allows it be placed in minimalist settings without distraction, in Junko Nakazawa's booth.

Teresa Eaton's artwork lights have been in trouble free service for many years.

Thanks to Pia Torelli for these photographs visit:

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